Welcome to PowerApps4Kids!

This site is for young people to learn about how to build and use Power Apps. If you would like to join us in a live session you can sign up using the events tab. Hope to see you there.

Breaking News – Sign up for the Free course!!

We’ve also created a course JUST FOR CHILDREN and you can access it for free by clicking below.  15 or so lessons and all the webinars can be found here!

What are Power Apps?

They are apps that are built using Office 365 – the same product that millions of people are already using in the workplace at this time.

Why should I bother learning about them?

Because it’s fun, and you can build games and tools and also learn skills that both you and your parents can use in the workplace. But mainly because it’s fun.
Here are some thoughts about why it is important.

How do I use this site?

The content explorer is a very good place to start. This allows you choose a project and get started on using Power Apps really quickly. Additionally you can look at previous online sessions that we’ve held. The video below shows you how to use the site and the content explorer.

A guide to using the site

OK – show me something cool

This is an sign language app made by Beth, who’s only making her second ever app here.

Making an app for sign language using Power Apps

Is this site just for children?

This site is for Parents, Teachers, Developers AND children.

If you want to get involved with PowerApps4Kids? Complete our survey and let us know.

What happens in the online sessions and how do I join them?

We run free monthly online sessions and you can join them by heading to the events page.

In our recent sessions we have had people do some of the following things:

  • Emulate the solar system in Power Apps
  • Play Noughts and Crosses
  • Tell stories
  • Play memory

And so much more!

Good luck with your Power Apps journey and do fill in the survey to let us know what you need, or if you are struggling.