Steps for importing a Power App

There are two types of apps.

  • .msapp
  • .zip

Steps for importing an msapp.
1. Go to (see the link below) – you should get redirected to if in Europe
2. Download one of the apps below. The app MUST be of a type *.msapp for this technique to work
3. Go back to the site above
4. Click Open
5. Browse for your file
6. Open it.
7. Nearly there
8. Make sure that you save the app (so that it lives on the web)

Steps for downloading a *.zip file

How to set the background in PowerApps

When you create a new Power App you get one of those ugly white screens. Do you know how to change the background?

Blank screen

On the right hand of your screen you can find the Fill, the Background image and the Image position.

Set background


Normally the fill is set to white, but you can change this by clicking on the little paint pot

Change Colour


Background image

By default the background image is set to None, but you can change this by clicking on None.

Set the background